How does heredity affect health?


Often in the behavior and character of children, there is a similarity with their parents or other close relatives. This is called heredity, which affects not only mental, but also physical development. It is heredity that is given special attention. For example, many pregnant women worry about how genetics will affect their baby. Specialists working in the field of genetics note the increasingly significant role of hereditary factors in the development of pathology. This is largely due to the expansion and qualitative improvement of the diagnostic base of genetics and use vimax.

Genes are passed on from parents who inherited them from their parents, etc. That is, the child receives such a set of genes, which contains all the information from previous generations. The amount of hereditary information transmitted from one generation to another is tens of thousands of genes. They determine the color of the skin, hair, eyes. However, heredity also applies to some diseases.

“Hereditary” diseases are diabetes mellitus, hemophilia, endocrine disorders, and cardiovascular diseases can also be inherited. Genes can also be blamed for some mental problems. Often, a person with nervous disorders has among their relatives those who have faced the same problem.

Modern society often sins on genes. For example, many believe that if there was any serious illness in the family, then in 90% of cases the child will also have it. This probability can be identified with the help of special studies. It is important for modern parents to know that their child will be born healthy, therefore, clinics and medical centers conduct special tests to identify genetic pathologies.

At the same time, geneticists say that such “damaged” genes may not appear throughout life, especially if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, eats right and carefully monitors his health. However, under unfavorable conditions, such genes can be activated and then the likelihood of the manifestation of the disease increases significantly.

It is worth noting that even in people with excellent heredity and good health, it can get worse. After all, health is influenced not only by genes, but also by our way of life. In any case, a lot depends only on you. Do not neglect your health and the health of your loved ones, because it has no price. Each person is given the opportunity to strengthen and maintain their health, to maintain activity, vigor of body and spirit until old age. It is important to use this wisely in order to live a long and healthy life.