Gastric Acid Reflux Disease Found in Neonates and Babies


Gastric acid reflux disease is not only found in adults, but also it may be seen in children. This is a big issue with newly born babies that they could not tell anything about their feelings. Therefore; one cannot find the problem of babies due to the communication problem and hence the cure of gastric acid reflux disease in young children becomes problematic. In this situation, one should seek the immediate medical help in order to find the exact nature of the problem. Parents, however; can tackle the problems by natural signals if their baby is older than one year, since in this age group a child may get the attention of his parents towards the gastric acid reflux disease by means of expressing pain and trouble.

Symptoms Developed by Young Children:

The kids also develop the same range of symptoms of gastric acid reflux disease as experienced by the adults. They may have symptoms like chest or heartburning, pain and trouble at the midpoint of their chest and spitting up of gastric contents, etc.

The spitting up is a common presentation found in less than one year old children, since their digestive tract is not developed properly, and this problem may be a continuation of immature digestive system if it happens even after one year. It should be noted that the spells of spitting up of gastric contents decrease with the improvement in the performance of digestive system, except in some cases in which the actual gastric acid reflux disease develop. According to many individuals, the spitting up of gastric content which is seen in majority of children is due to the proteins found in the formula of cow’s milk.

Gastric Acid Reflux Disease in Children – What are the Causes?acid reflux in baby photo

One of the common reasons of gastric acid reflux disease in younger kids is already described above, i.e. the immature digestive system of a baby. Other common reasons of gastric acid reflux disease in kids include; tilting them down just after giving them feed along with overfeeding. The babies therefore, should be kept straight for a while after feeding so that their milk, they have taken, would reach to the stomach. If they are tilted or put down immediately, the spitting up of milk could happen without any delay. As it is already mentioned, over feeding may also generate the gastric acid reflux disease. The reason is simple; majority of the babies do not have properly developed digestive system, and hence their stomach cannot tolerate overfilling.

In conclusion, Gastric acid reflux disease is a usual problem which could be experienced by children like adults.  This is one of the reasons why the child specialists recommend breast milk for neonates and younger children. The breast milk does not produce frequent reactions like formula milk. Therefore; the formula milk should only be given to the babies if the mother feels difficulty in providing nourishment to her baby via breast milk. Unlike younger children, the older kids may not have greater risk of gastric acid reflux disease and they can get this problem due to some predisposing factors only.

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